About 88vape

Here at 88vape, we have two priorities: unrivalled pricing and high quality. Together these principles ensure we offer the highest quality vaping products and range of e-liquid for the lowest prices you can find!

Being such exceptional value for money is crucial to 88vape. We believe it gives everyone the taste of vaping freedom without compromising on flavour, quality and variety!

We have carefully selected the 15 most popular e-liquids so that you can find a delicious flavour to enjoy! Whether you choose our traditional tobacco blend, Rolling Leaf or our wonderfully sweet Morello Cherry your vape will be bursting full of flavour! Every flavour has been made using 100% organic and natural ingredients. They are also offered in 3 strengths giving you an even greater selection to choose from.

Switch to 88vape today and you’ll never look back! 

Here are some FAQ

Q: Why does my e-liquid change colour?

Some 0% Nicotine E-liquids change colour when exposed to light and oxygen. This is caused by reactions in the ingredients that cause some breakdown of constituents.

E-liquid with Nicotine can also change colour over time as the flavour develops with the nicotine solution. This is normal and does not affect the vaping experience.

These are the flavours we have noticed a change in colour over time. It is not harmful or changes the taste in any way.
Fruit Twist
Rolling Leaf

Q: What’s in a bottle of e-liquid?

Four ingredients. Nicotine, flavourings, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Nothing else. The flavourings are food-grade, and the VG and PG are high quality.

We can guarantee that because our juice is made right here in our Liquid Lab.

Q: That massive exclamation mark on the bottles. What’s that about?

In a large enough dose, nicotine is a poison. There’s enough nicotine in one of our 3mg bottles to see off one of your pets if they drink the whole thing, so we’ve got to stick a big warning sticker on it.

Always use your e-liquid as directed. Don’t do shots of it, don’t feed it to your cat, and don’t try and vapourise it without using a proper tank.

Q: Why are so many of your e-liquids fruit or candy flavoured?

We like fruit and candy. We make flavours we like. And we regularly ask our customers if there are any flavours they’d like us to try and make.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Q: What on earth is Sub-Ohm vaping?

We could spend the next 10,000 words explaining Ohm’s law, and coils that get more power from your battery due to their lowered electrical resistance.

Or we could tell you want Sub-Ohm vaping is in just three words.

Ready? Here we go.




Sub-Ohm vaping is for the cloud chasers. Invented by the tinkerers who’d push their off-the-shelf kits to the limits, Sub-Ohm vaping has caught the attention of people like us who wanted to make a safe, simple vape that’d create enough cloud cover to close down an airport.

Q: What’s a mod?

Your bog standard vape is like a pen. A box mod is (you’ve guessed it) a boxy device with an integrated battery that does a load of electrical trickery to squeeze every joule of power out of your battery and use it to create clouds.

Q: Can I plug any old tank into my mod?

Would you take a V8 engine and strap it to your moped? Course not. A Sub-Ohm tank is designed to hold more juice and has variable airholes to help you keep your coils cooler.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to a Sub Ohm vape over a standard vape?

There’s no way of disguising it. A Sub-Ohm vape is a thirsty, thirsty girl. Big clouds mean more e-liquid, and it’s vapourised at a faster rate.