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Vaping Mod E-Liquids

88vape are now at the forefront of the market with MOD’s and VG based liquids with unbelievably good value for money with uncompromised quality.

VG liquid is an e-liquid with a high Vegetable Glycerine content. It’s the VG in an e-liquid that creates the vapour. 88vape MOD liquid has an 80% VG content so plenty of vapour there. our Liquid is also made in the UK in a clean room environment with pharmaceutical grade VG for you piece of mind and quality guarantee. 

The perfect e-liquid to use with RDAs, drippers, and sub-ohm devices.

88Vape's e-liquids for Mods is offered in nicotine levels of 3mg and comes in a box which contains 3 x 10ml plastic bottles with an easy to use child proof caps and a plastic Nibs.

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