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88Vape 50watt MOD Starter Kit - Silver

88Vape 50watt MOD Starter Kit -  Silver
88Vape 50watt MOD Starter Kit -  Silver 88Vape 50watt MOD Starter Kit -  Silver
88Vape 50watt MOD Starter Kit - Silver

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Vaping doesn’t get any better than with the 88 Vape 50w MOD starter kit. You may ask what makes this MOD so unique? The answer is obvious – its amazing 1600mah battery capacity that can reach a maximum output of 50w. To add to the 50w MOD’s benefits, we’ve also made sure it is compatible with all kinds of tanks.

This device can go down to 0.5ohm coils for sub-ohm vaping, is smart, safe, and easy to use in just five clicks so you that you can have the most amazing vaping experience. Use with the 88Vape Mod Liquids and start vaping clouds straight away.

With a flashing coloured LED power button to click through to the desired settings - 30w, 40w or 50w, sub ohm vaping couldnt be any easier, what are you waiting for?



88vape are now at the forefront of the market with MOD’s and VG based liquids with unbelievably good value for money with uncompromised quality…….. What does this mean?

VG liquid is an e-liquid with a high Vegetable Glycerine content. It’s the VG in an e-liquid that creates the vapour. 88vape MOD liquid has an 80% VG content so plenty of vapour there. our Liquid is also made in the UK in a clean room environment with pharmaceutical grade VG for you piece of mind and quality guarantee.

How to best use your MOD Liquid? In an 88vape MOD would be our choice. The 88vape mod is a 50watt device with a variable power setting, a variable airflow setting and an intense heating coil at 0.5ohm. the result when used with 88Vape MOD liquid is great flavour and huge plooms of vapour.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Vape Colour Silver
CE4 Colour No
E-liquid Category No
E-Liquid Flavour No
E-Liquid Strength No

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Great, compact, really pleased with it
Wow what a great compact MOD I've been using starter kit for 4 months now and its the best I've used so far the three cool heat settings are good especially when you want some big vape clouds. Good leasing battery and have already got my mother and farther in-laws using them too Review by NO1BUNDY / (Posted on 18/03/2017)
Great price, good buy.
This 50 Watt variable voltage pen is nice and easy to use and gives a nice vape and great taste, i would recommend this product . Review by Stephen / (Posted on 17/01/2017)
Great introduction to higher power vaping,
So, you've tried vaping and found it a pleasant experience and decided to take it to the next level? Well this product won't disappoint you.

I had been vaping with the basic ego style devices for some time but decided it was time to treat myself to something a little more powerful (especially with the money I've saved from quitting smoking!).

Like many people, I didn't want to go out and spend a lot of money on something I wasn't sure about, but similarly I really wanted to try something more powerful than a normal vaping device and this is where the 50w Mod kit is fantastic.

The device itself is a high quality device which is very easy to use - and just like it's more expensive counterparts offers variable power, variable air flow and is very user friendly.

The battery has a good capacity which will see you through the day with moderate vaping and it recharges relatively quickly via a micro USB connector which you can plug into your PC or games console.

The tank is a bottom fill unit - and initially it can feel a bit fiddly but when you've filled it once it becomes simple.

The button is multifunctional which not only activates the device, but also shows the power setting and the battery level. Pressing it quickly 5 times turns the device on or off similar to pretty much all models, and pressing the button 3 times cycles between the power levels, which are indicated by the button lighting up red for low power, amber for medium and green for the full 50w.

Likewise, when you activate the device, after releasing the button you will get an indication of the battery level with green showing that you're fully charged, amber being about 50% and red meaning that you will soon need to charge again.

The airflow is adjusted by turning a small collar on the bottom of the tank and offers three positions - all of which are ideally suited to "direct to lung" inhales.

In use, the device can produce *huge* amounts of vapour when operated on high power and with full airflow. Naturally, due to the higher power levels involved the tank and mouthpiece can become quite warm if you are chain vaping, but this is not a bad thing as the warmth in the vapour really does also help bring out the flavour - especially when used with 88 Vapes MOD liquid.

Overall, for the price this is an excellent introduction to sub-ohm vaping and whether you want to create huge clouds, or a just looking for something that is a bit more satisfying that a basic device then you really can't go wrong with this!

For the more technical amongst you - this device is a regulated mod meaning that it is exceptionally safe to use (unlike some mechanical mods) and provides constant current regardless of the battery voltage so you do not need to worry about the current increasing as the battery discharges. Similarly, it will automatically cut off if there is any problem with the coil or if your battery goes too low.

The device will only charge if it has the tank and coil attached and automatically stops charging when the battery is full and don't forget once you fill it up with liquid to let it stand for about 5 or 10 minutes so the fluid soaks fully into the replaceable coil. Even though you'll want to get going as soon as possible, this is a really important step to make sure you get the best from the device as Mod liquids are high in Vegetable Glycerine (VG) which makes them considerably thicker than normal e-liquids and that few minutes wait while the fluid is soaked up by the coil makes all the difference to the flavour and quantity of vapour!

I now have several devices and genuinely this is my favourite for all-day vaping due to the versatile power levels, speed of charge and the lightweight - yet quality - overall build feel.

So if you're a bit unsure about sub-ohm kit and want a very good introductory device but without having to break the bank then this device really will fit the bill. The coils, when used correctly, last a long time making it economical to run and overall this is a great unit for the price outperforming many devices that are a lot more expensive!
Review by Mikeapollo / (Posted on 07/12/2016)
Well worth the money
Very good mod have been using for a week and much better than the small pens more satisfying and don't feel the need to continuesly use, the three power settings are easy to change but haven't had the need to go higher than the 30w, make sure to buy a coil pack at the same time so is always available when the coil burns out Review by sharon / (Posted on 23/09/2016)

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